I'm the Sound Guy.



Standard Day $550 (10 hr day)

Audio Gear Packages

ENG Kit $200/day

(mixer, boom, 2 wireless mics-mix audio to camera only)

Basic Kit $300/day

(mixer, boom, 2 wireless + recorder w/non-sync backup files)

Dual System Sync Record $400/day

(basic kit + recorder, slate/sync box, scratch track to camera)

Add Ons

Additional Wireless Mics $65/day

IFB Directors Headsets $50/day first set

                                     $25/day each additional receiver

Camera Links $100/day

Timecode Slate/Sync Boxes $50/day each

JV Sound, Inc
 (612) 327-4171

The Boilerplate


Day rates based on 10 hours

OT after 10 hours 1.5x

OT after 12 hours 2x

OT after 14 hours 3x

Travel days: $400/8 hours or less

                   full day rate over 8 hours

Standard IRS milage rates apply

Per diem at GSA rates

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any specifics regarding your project.